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For this assignment, I’m going to ask you to construct an argument. Your argument will not be over just any topic, but it will be about you. What do I mean by that? In class, we took 3 Myers Briggs Personality Tests. I would like for your argument to be about whether or not you agree, disagree, agree/disagree with those results.


This paper will require you to do many tasks: (1) First, you need make sure that you understand what the Myers Briggs “initials” stand for.(2) Second, you must decide your viewpoint about your results.(3) Third, you need to think of the reasons that show your audience why you hold that viewpoint.(4) Fourth, you must offer personal experience that supports your reasons but also helps your audience understand your viewpoint.(5) Finally, you must incorporate outside sources that show us “important” information about you and these test results.


For example, let’s say that my results are: ESTP


What do those initials stand for?(1) E = Extroverted What does that mean ?Do I agree with that assessment?Why?Rather than being outgoing, I tend to be just the opposite .My viewpoint (2) I’ll disagree with my results. What reason do I have to disagree? I feel that I am more introverted because I hate being in large groups (3). What is a time in which I have experienced this reason? I remember a time when..(4).Lastly, what can I find on those type of occasions?(5) According to Psychology Today, 93 % of adolescents feel uncomfortable in large groups.  

my results from taking the 3 Myers Briggs Personality test turns out to be "INFJ". I do agree with those results because I am an introverted person. Here is the link that will tell you all about the INFJ results http://www.humanmetrics.com/personality/infj and make sure to tell what those initials mean as the directions above states.

Another thing, from an experience, I been to parties and events with family and friends, at those events I get a vibe that I don't belong there or it's not meant for me to be in the crowd with everyone because it is hard for me to communicate with people I'm not use to being around everyday or barely know. I'm naturally a person who enjoy being alone. even though I got family and friends, I stay to myself, and I'm very shy unless I truly know that person because some people are quick to laugh and judge people based off their personality and beliefs. Otherwise, I feel uncomfortable around large crowds because I never know how I can act around that person or what to say without it feeling weird. Some people are just not my type of vibe, which is why I rather be by myself, or distance myself. 

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Personality Test Analysis
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Personality Analysis Test
INFJs are being regarded as true introverts. There are several scholarly definitions of

introverts, but according to Dossey (2016), introverts are persons who uphold solitude, they tend
to spend their leisure time alone (they are not outgoing); they are fond of holding interior
monologue rather than sharing their thoughts. Also, they tend to focus on the root cause of an
issue, not superficiality. Furthermore, they tend to hold back their emotions and can only share
them with the selected few. Besides, they prefer writing to talking. According to Dossey, they
always experience "people exhaustion" and tend to segregate themselves to reenergize and seek
clarity (Dossey, 2016). Upon taking the 3 Myers-Briggs Personality test, which turned out to be
Introvert iNtuitive Feeling and Judging (INFJ), I agreed with those results because I am an
introverted person. It is because naturally, I enjoy spending my free time alone. For instance,
whenever I attended parties with my friends and families, I often feel that I am not supposed to
be in a crowd. I find it challenging to have a conversation with people who are not familiar to me
during these occasions because I barely know them. Most of my family members are introverts
because we share common traits with most of them. Kandler et al. (2020) assert that personality
characteristics are primarily hereditary. Therefore, this behaviour might be typical in our lineage.
This paper argues that I am an introvert because my Myers-Briggs Personality Test turned out
INFJ, but my judgment assessment was inaccurate.
Functional Analysis of Introvert iNtuitive Feeling and Judging INFJs

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