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The assignment will be a "media relations guide." This is a document given to a "spokesperson" prior to a press conference to help them prepare. In a "media guide" there should be advised about the key message that the spokesperson should have, some "stats & soundbites" related to the key message, and "do's" and "don'ts" during the press conference (e.g. not saying 'no comment' or asking to be 'off the record').

You would be acting as a "media coach" for a company spokesman like CEO to prepare for the mock press conference. it should be focused on new stream media Disney+ Basically, you are "prepping" them for the press conference in this document that you create.

See the following attachment. While the whole guide is really good to read, I would focus on pages 35-42 to gather some advice for this assignment. This was written for "county officials" but is really quite generalized.

Link -

Format - This can be in Word document format. 400-500 words minimum. You are welcome to add creative formatting (e.g. like the document I shared here), but not necessary. The basics that you want to cover are:

List of spokespeople at the press conference (names, titles, company)

The key message of the Disney+ press conference

A few "statistics" and "soundbites"

List of ways to engage in proper on-screen body language / other tips for re-directing responses back to the key message if a difficult question is asked.

Things to "not" do (e.g. don't say 'no comment,' avoid improper body language, etc.)

This is about a mock press conference, and I am a media guide to guide the CEO of Disney+ in its Disney+ release press.

Explanation & Answer length: 400 words

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Explanation & Answer

View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Media Relationship Guide

The media relationship guide is about the press conference of the new media streaming of
Disney. All the CEOs, stakeholders, and managers are the audience and the spokesperson of
the press conference. The best way to start the press conference is to present a little knowledge
about its new project.
Spokespersons in press conference:

(SZ) Marketing Director - Disney+

(JH) Senior Product Manager - Disney+

(DF) Product Marketing Associate - Disney+

Key message:
For example,
Ladies and gentlemen!!! Disney has been entertaining the audience, especially the kids, for 90
years, and it has won the hearts of millions of people. Disney revenue has been increasing with
each year, and according to the statistics of 2020, it has made 69 billion USD worldwide. The
press conference is...

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