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3 page reflection paper activity. The activity will be based around Balancing the federal budget. In the website I will provide you will have to make cuts to the federal budget and in the end take a screenshot of the final budget. Your refection paper will consist of a minimum 3 pages (not including screenshot), on those pages you will explain the programs that you cut and why, the programs you did not cut and why, and potential positive and negative effects of this budget. This will be due during 3/31, when I open the submission file. Please cite any resources used. Any questions email me.

THE DUE DATE IS April 25th. Failure to complete this paper will result in failure of course.

This is the website:

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Running Head: BUDGET CUTS


Budget Cuts to Reduce the Debt Rate
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In the past decade, too much strain is put on our budget by domestic, national, and
international debt. As of 2020, the debt has risen to historically undocumented levels with a
forecast of debt above the national gross domestic product by 2022. For a post-pandemic
economic recovery to happen effectively, strategic cuts in the budget ought to occur.
Federal Relief
The federal government, especially after the covid-19 pandemic, has broken the bank to
increase relief funding. Additional covid-19 relief cash seems unnecessary since the money
allocated initially and the hospital resources in the U.S. should be ample. At the moment,
increasing higher education spending should not be on the cards. That should also include
highway funding. However, increasing the gas tax by 10 cents is a cover to get additional
revenue and reduce carbon dioxide footprint. However, this decision could be met with heavy
protest since the gas tax has remained at 18.3 since 1993; nonetheless, these are desperate times.
Increasing infrastructure funding should not be done since the current allocated cash is enough.
Slashing the National Institute of Health funding should not be an option since the current

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