what in PHP is similar to Actionscript 's "is" operator?

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what in PHP is similar to Actionscript 's "is" operator?

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There are not really similar, but both can provide the same results (solution wise).For example, + operator in action script can be demonstrated by simple codes below

trace ( 3 + 1);

Above expression should deliver an aswer of 4. While in PHP the same expression can be written as

echo ( 3 + 1);

However, in PHP parenthesis is not required. So, this will just work fine

echo 3 + 1 ;

While in actionscript, this

trace 3 + 1;

gives us an error.

In the case concatenation, they are similar with the only exemption of the parenthesis.

in actionscript

trace("3" + 1);


echo ("3" + 1 );

Keep in mind that the the above only 1 is considered as integer. In PHP, it gives you more freedom to change type from one to the other. For example,

$x = "3";
$y = 1 ;

echo ((int)($x) + $y);

gives us an integer 4, while the example before it gives us string 3 concatenated with integer 1.

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