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Write a short fiction story more than 5 pages. I already have information about the character and a demo for the story. I need you to continue the story and expand it. No plagiarism.

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Running Head: YEONGGU




At first sight, Li YeongGu is a normal man, with all the physical capabilities that

you would find in any average person. He resides in Poshan, South Korea. Good health is
something he possesses, with no physical disabilities to his name despite being 47 years of age.
However, there is one quality that surfaces after a bit of interaction with him, one that is not
common to men of his stature and age. YeongGu suffers from an inherent IQ deficiency. This is
to mean that he has the mind similar to that of a 6 year old. An average person at this stage in life
would most probably be experiencing and even conforming to the stresses in life but not
YeongGu. Despite the bit of complication he experiences in his day to day life, he is quite the
charismatic, always full of life and happy man, with happiness similar to that of a child. The
beauty of it is that negativity never crosses his mind. He does question it though but that is as far
as his thoughts go regarding the matter. His understanding capability is slower than normal but
he manages to get through life.
He fathers a little girl, YeongSi, a beautiful 6 year old. She is the closest and only
family that he has. The bond these two share is unexplainable and unbreakable. The daughter
gives him a sense of belonging, enables him to hold on to some sanity that another person
suffering from the same IQ deficiency cannot experience had he family. It is usually said that
loss of one sense of a human being, makes another sense that he possesses much stronger and
outstanding. This is, apparently, a proven fact. In relation to this, YeongGu has a strong sense of
telling apart people whose intentions may not align well with how they present themselves to
others, the befriending type of people. The fact that he is IQ deficient makes him a target to
many of the ill-intentioned in his society and beyond, in terms of taking advantage of his
generosity and charisma. His weakness comes in where he cannot easily tell apart between who
is good and evil when meeting a person for the first time. This can only h...

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