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Your boss likes the directions that your recommendations have been going, and you have been asked to further develop the plan. The board and chief financial officer (CFO) will need to budget and plan for change implementation, but the health information management (HIM), compliance, and medical departments are concerned about compliance breach risk exposure.

For this assignment, you will write a paper of 5–8 pages APA format and Plagiarism free with at least 5 relevant and contemporary references that discusses the following:

  • Continuing with the changes that you have suggested previously for the same organization that you chose in Unit 1, determine the implementation challenges for management and operations, marketing, finance and accounting, research and development, and information systems, focusing on compliance and breach protocols.
  • Provide suggestions to overcome the challenges based on the organizational structure, communication methods, and training. Include a time line that indicates the timing at which each change should be evaluated for effectiveness and efficiency.

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Running Head: Organization’s Strategic Planning Approach Organization’s Strategic Planning Approach Insert Name: Institution Affiliation: 1 Organization’s Strategic Planning Approach 2 Introduction An organization strategic planning approach for California County Department of Public Health was developed to gives the organization and the stakeholders involved a direction to take, what to achieve and ways of achieving the set plans. Due to rapid changes in the public health environment, the health care unit has set its plans in terms of its priorities. Changes in the health Reforms in health care have provided the heath care department with an opportunity to come up with the strategic plans that improves the performance of the organization (Spee & Jarzabkowski, 2011). This paper therefore outlines the strategic planning approach of the organization and the stakeholders involved with their different roles and interests. Identify all of the stakeholders that are involved and impacted by the organization Internal stakeholders Board of governance - These are group of shareholders who make major decisions in the organization. They are mostly the owners of the organization. they control every activity in the organization. Managers- these are people who monitor different departments in the organization. They make sure that the employees work in accordance to the organizations goals and objectives. Staff members- these are the employees of the organization. They are the main assets of the organization who work towards achieving the goals of the organization. Board of adviser- these are group of people who advices and gives directions to the organization. They can either be employees of the organization or people who work outside. Boards of advisers have knowledge and expertise in different areas that is important in improving the performance of the organization. Organization’s Strategic Planning Approach 3 External stakeholders Community- these are people that surrounds the organization. they are directly, affected by the performance of the organization either negatively of negatively. Competitors- these are similar health departments that offer the same services as the organization Customers- these are the important people to the organization. They require quality products services from the organization. Investors- these are people who funds the organization. Investors invest their resources to ensure the success of the organization Government- the government is there to ensure that the organization follows the rules and regulations put in place by the state. Differentiate internal from external stakeholders Internal stakeholders are persons or entities within or who are inside the organization that can place any claim on the organization (Phillips, Berman, Elms, & Johnson-Cramer, 2010). They employees, managers and owners of the organization On the other hand, external stakeholders are persons outside the organization who can still place a claim on the organization and can be affected by the performance of the organization. They include; customers, society, funders, government and suppliers. Evaluate the relationship between the organizational mission and vision for each stakeholder group based on strategic planning components. The vision and mission statements are crucial tools that influence the performance of the company. The mission statement outlines the role and the purpose of the company and its scope of operations. On the other hand, vision statement guides the organization on what they want to Organization’s Strategic Planning Approach 4 become. Both mission and vision statements affect the internal and external stakeholders in different ways. Internal stakeholders provide the best services to the organization by working towards achieving the organizational goals. In turn they will benefit from the profits achieved from the organization. External stakeholders will in the other hand, benefit from the good services offered to them by the organization (Mirvis, Googins, & Kinnicutt, 2010). Evaluate at least 3 business units or stakeholder groups that should be subjected to further evaluation to support the strategic initiatives of the organization Primary stakeholders Primary stakeholders is a group of stakeholders who are affected by the decisions or actions of the organization directly either in a positive or a negative way. Any decision that has a positive impact on one group has a negative impact on the other group. Secondary stakeholders Secondary stakeholders are a group of people that are not affected directly either positively or negatively by the decisions or actions of the organization. Key stakeholders Key stakeholders are a group of persons that can have an influence on the performance of the organization. Their efforts can either affect the organization in a positive or in a negative way. These are important people in every organization. It is important to evaluate different groups of stakeholders in every organization. doing so will help gather different information from these stakeholders that will be relevant in strategic Organization’s Strategic Planning Approach 5 planning. Stakeholders have different roles and interest in the organization and so by evaluating them will help to understand their importance in the organization. Analyze the mission and vision statements of the organization from the perspective of each of the identified stakeholders Stakeholders benefit from the organization in different ways. The internal stakeholders use the organizational mission and vision statements to achieve the organization’s objective by providing the best services to their customers and in turn benefit from the success of the organization. The employees work hard towards the mission and vision of the organization in order to remain employed and get paid (Creamer & Ghoston, 2012). The owner’s intension is to maximize the profits derived from the success of the organization. The union representatives will benefit if the employees continue working in the organization. The external stakeholders are also affected by the mission vision statements of the organization and they benefit in different ways. The policies makers ensure that the organization pays taxes, adheres by laws and regulations and provide employment to many people which in turn will improve the economy of the country. The investors or funders are interested with earning income from their investments to the organization. The customers desire to get quality goods and services from the organization. The supplier’s interest is for the organization to continue purchasing products from them. Lastly, the society interest is for the organization to contribute positively to the community and its environment. All these desires of the stakeholders are guided by the mission and vision statements of the organization. Organization’s Strategic Planning Approach 6 Assess the organization’s approach to addressing recent health care legislation, and provide an evaluation of the strategic response that is commonly employed. In order to address the recent health care legislation, the organization came up with the strategic plan that will guide the performance of the organization for the next five years. These strategies include;  To provide an environment that is safe and health to the community  To increase the availability of health center and health units that will provide the best health care services  To provide equal health care services to all members of the community regardless of their social status  To provide health protection to the community by early detection and prevention of diseases  To strengthen the health department by remaining innovative and empowering the organization work force Every organization comes up with a strategic plan that will lead to its success. In order to remain competitive in the market the organization adjusts their objectives and goals to suit the demands of the market. Most organization also comes up with vision and mission statements that will improve the performance of the organization. The workforce is also motivated and encouraged to work towards achieving the goals of the organization (Wong-Rieger, 2011). Conclusion Organizations need to come up with proper strategic plans that guide the performance of the organization. Also when coming up with the organizations mission and vision statements the organization should involve its stakeholders. This is because stakeholders’ ideas are important to Organization’s Strategic Planning Approach 7 the success of every organization. When employees are involved in coming up with the strategic plan of the organization, they will work towards achieving the organization objectives and goals. Lastly, it is important to involve do frequent assessment and evaluation of the strategic plan. This will help to know if the led down plan is worth. Organization’s Strategic Planning Approach 8 References Creamer, E. & Ghoston, M. (2012). Using a Mixed Methods Content Analysis to Analyze Mission Statements From Colleges of Engineering. Journal Of Mixed Methods Research, 7(2), 110-120. Mirvis, P., Googins, B., & Kinnicutt, S. (2010). Vision, mission, values. Organizational Dynamics, 39(4), 316-324. Phillips, R., Berman, S., Elms, H., & Johnson-Cramer, M. (2010). Strategy, stakeholders and managerial discretion. Strategic Organization, 8(2), 176-183. Spee, A. & Jarzabkowski, P. (2011). Strategic planning as communicative process. Organization Studies, 32(9), 1217-1245. Wong-Rieger, D. (2011). Can a health professional represent patient view: Patient organization response. International Journal Of Technology Assessment In Health Care, 27(04), 401402.
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A successful stream of care services and patient value adding activities is possible in the
presence of an effective and efficient management (Brownson, Colditz, and Proctor, 2012).
Moreover, strong and efficient marketing, information, finance, and accounting systems
contribute to quality care services provided to patients by a health institution. The presence of
these effective and efficient tools in an organization ensures that strategies used to achieve the
goals and objectives of an institution comply with the set principles within as well as market
demands. These key factors also ensure that organizations are not at risk of the breach of
protocols governing the institution. At California County Department of Public Health, the
organization has taken the initiative to establish challenges related to these key areas of
management, finance, and accounting, information system, research, and development as well as
marketing and how they affect compliance and breach of protocols.
Management in the organization is vital in that it offers opportunities for firms to
comprehend set protocols (Mahadevan, 2010). Management in organizations is responsible for
ensuring that customers and other stakeholders receive goods and services of high quality.
Therefore, in health care institutions management also ensure that services offered to patients by
practitioners are of high quality. It is the duty of management to communicate the protocols of
the organization to all personnel. It is also the responsibility of management to ensure that
workers in an organization understand the protocols expected to be followed. Through
communication of organization protocols, every individual is aware of procedures to follow
when delivering quality services to customers. Moreover, communication allows for all
personnel not to breach any of the protocols knowingly or unknowingly. Thus, management is
essential in the organization as it ensures all stakeholders are made aware of company protocols
to be followed in order to deliver value and quality services to customers and other stakeholders.



In addition, marketing strategies are also essential towards applying organization
protocols effectively. In marketing, organizations aim to gain a competitive advantage over their
competitors. Most firms work towards establishing market differentiations that will help to attain

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