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how can you tell which brake cylinder on a 2006 Cadillac CTS is locking up while driving vechile.


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Expert: Triston replied 2 years ago.
the GM or good brake pads on that car should last 25k miles easily, now if the brake sliders are sticking or the calipers or rear wheel cylinders or the master cylinder then the brakes will wear prematurely. if the brakes are checked again and the brake pads are metal to metal and cutting into the rotor or drums then its possible the brake pads was just bad and broke in pieces. the only other way they can wear really fast is if you ride with one foot on the brake and the other on the gas but you had several Cadillac's so i believe you do know how to drive. lastly there is one service bulletin out for replacing the front brake pads with part number 25837407 but there is nothing for the rear. good luck. and please accept my answer so i get credit thanks T-MAN
i recommend having the brake calipers replaced, master cylinder, and flush the brake system. i would only replace the brake calipers that have pads wearing prematurely. thanks

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