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r, paves the way for the outcome of the movie. While George tries to run away from this stressor, the support of his family and friends help him through it.

To get a brief overview of the movie, watch It’s a Wonderful Life Trailer(2:11). Be sure to watch Frank Capra’s 1946 version of the film. Then search for the following clips that depict some of George’s stressful moments:

View for the fight or flight response:

Use the HWE 415 Week 1 Assignment Template provided, and address the following elements in

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Here I have given the thesis statement
George’s Stressors
George's stressors are people and issues which made him lack peace. The first stressor is
his family. He realized that the role of being a breadwinner of the family was facing him headon. This was after his father's death.
George’s Physiological, Social, and Emotional Reactions to Stressors
Physiological Reactions
Social reactions
Emotional reactions
Fight or Flight Response
Bank Run
It’s a Wonderful Life - You Realize What this means? It’s bankruptcy and scandal and prison!
You’re Worth More Dead Than Alive, and It’s a Wonderful Life Suicide Attempt, Frank Capra
Relationship Between Stress and Health
Here I have summarized all my points.
Moscu, M. D. (2019). Harmonizing Audit of Financial Situations to Romanian Companies with
European Legislation. EIRP Proceedings, 14(1).
Brüggen, E. C., Hogreve, J., Holmlund, M., Kabadayi, S., & Löfgren, M. (2017). Financial wellbeing: A conceptualization and research agenda. Journal of Business Research, 79, 228237.
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America (Doctoral dissertation).
Derakhshan, A., Mikaeili, M., Nasrabadi, A. M., & Gedeon, T. (2019). Network physiology of
‘fight or flight’response in facial superficial blood vessels. Physiological measurement,
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Manning-Jones, S., de Terte, I., & Stephens, C. (2017). The relationship between vicarious
posttraumatic growth and secondary traumatic stress among health professionals. Journal
of Loss and Trauma, 22(3), 256-270.


George’s Life Encounters

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Life is very dynamic and very difficult to predict. Many people at a tender age, always
have great ambitions. They always dream of becoming very successful in either business field,
medicine, engineering, and even law careers. However, fate is what determines everything thing.
Moscu et al., (2019) found out that social and financial backgrounds sometimes change very
abruptly and interfere with one’s dream. What matters most is that if you are focused enough,
you can still achiev...

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