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Now that you have completed the internal and external audits for the company you chose for this project, use the information to create a list of strategic objectives. From these objectives, generate a list of strategy alternatives.

Using the appropriate tools of strategic choice from your text and research, choose a course of action. Be sure to justify your selections with supporting data/information.

For this assignment, you should submit a 2-3 page document containing:

A list of strategic objectives

A list of strategy alternatives

Your strategic choice with appropriate justification

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It can become difficult to create a harmonious diverse team considering the differences of all the team members involved. Realizing the potentials and possible downfalls of the multicultural team is just the start. The selection of team members and the assignment of tasks play a huge part in this harmony. The team leader should be prepared to accept the responsibility of leading a diverse team. With this in mind and after conducting some research, create a 1-2 page human resource strategy for creating a diverse workforce. Be sure to address: The nature of group dynamics Recruitment and selection strategy(ies) Training and development activities How you will ensure fairness in hiring along with fairness in diversifying your workforce Running head: SWOT ANALYSIS 1 SWOT Analysis Pamela Heaney Rasmussen College Author Note This assignment is being presented on January 21, 2017 to Jennifer Moorhead for her Strategic Management class. SWOT ANALYSIS 2 SWOT Analysis INTERNAL FACTORS EXTERNAL FACTORS POSITIVE NEGATIVE Strengths  Great customer service.  Variety of suppliers.  Quality and longevity of flowers.  Family owned and operated  Variety modes of ordering  Free delivery  Loyal Customers  Owner credentials  Member of the Area Chamber of Commerce Opportunities  Customization of orders  Increase in demand by word of mouth  A new group of customers  A diversification of unique products  Expand on advertising to other outlets (social media, local newspaper) Weaknesses  Pricing  Supply and Demand  Competitive Pricing  Company’s debts  Low financial assets  Location  Customers perception (for special occasions only) Threats  Online Competitor such  Increase in the prices of supplies  New local competition  Loss of customer base  Economy changes  Natural Disaster SWOT ANALYSIS 3 SWOT Analysis Shannon Cain Florist is a small florist located in Umatilla, Florida and serves the North Lake County, Florida communities since 1983. Shannon Cain Florist is committed to providing excellent customer service. It is a family owned and operated business and employees 20 people. The company undertakes to offer only the finest floral arrangements and gifts for any occasion. The company has large arrangements of fresh flowers and will make flowers for any occasion. They also specialize in gourmet and fruit baskets and other unique gifts. They deliver flowers locally and offer same day delivery to selected areas, but normal deliveries are within 24 hours of order. Internal Strengths and Weaknesses Shannon Cain Florist has internal strengths and weaknesses. The company’s strengths include excellent customer service with returning loyal customers. It is family owned and operated and has been a long standing business in a small community for many years. The company owner is a member in the area Chamber of Commerce. The owner’s credentials are a Bachelors of Arts degree and in which she majored in floral design. With a variety of suppliers to order from, it provides the florist with quality and longevity of all the flowers ordered. Customers can make telephone orders, come into the shop and visit the website with their ordering needs. The florist does offer free delivery on orders over $100. As with strengths, the company does have weaknesses, and these include increased pricing during low seasons such as the summer and fall months. Supply and demand may be low during certain times of the year. Such as the winter months. There is competitive pricing with other local florists in the surrounding areas. Having low financial assets and company debt due to SWOT ANALYSIS 4 off seasons when flowers are not in demand. The location is a weakness since it is in a small town. Customers perceive that flowers are only limited to special occasions only. External Opportunities and Threats External factors with the florist include opportunities and threats. Shannon Cain Florist has many positive opportunities. The florist customizes any order to meet all their customer’s needs and wants. They have had many new customers due to word of mouth, and this has caused an increase in supply and demand and therefore, more business for the florist. The company has marketed in other outlets such as Facebook, the local radio station in town, and the town’s local newspaper. By doing this, it has brought a new customers base into the shop. Also, providing an extensive gift line of gourmet and fruit gift baskets and a variety of other diversified products has brought a new clientele. Threats to the business include any new local competition with competitive pricing and services. The loss of their loyal customers to the new local competition. Online flower companies such as pose a threat since they have different pricing strategies with their flowers and the shop’s current customer base switch. Suppliers increase their prices of fresh flowers and supplies are always needed by the florist shop. Changes in the economy and people not spending money on flowers. A natural disaster can strike such as a hurricane. The state of Florida is not immune to hurricanes and if one hits it can put a damper on the business for days. Such as power outage, damage to the business structure which causes the shop the business close. It can also cause delays in deliveries to the shop and orders not getting completed promptly. Shannon Cain Florist has been around for many years, and I see it around for many more years to come. It has established its name in such a small community and has a good loyal SWOT ANALYSIS customer base. It has internal weaknesses and external threats to the business, but the internal strengths and the external opportunities have them beat. 5
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Strategy Selection for Shannon Cain Florist


Strategy selection for Shannon Cain Florist
Having examined the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and weaknesses of Shannon
Cain Florist, it is important to come up with strategic objectives and strategic alternatives that
will make sure that the firm achieves its aims as efficiently as possible. The term strategic
objectives refer to those goals that an institution would like to make either in the long run or
short term. On the other hand, strategic alternatives are the alternative cour...

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