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Q1 –

What types of resources would you use in helping a child or adolescent deal with the questions and the pain associated with the loss of a loved one? Research and post a minimum of three websites or other resources that might be beneficial in helping a child or adolescent deal with death, dying, loss, and/or questions regarding immortality. Include an annotation as to what the resource contains and why you think it might be helpful.

Q2 –

Describe Stroebe’s Dual Process Model of Coping with loss. Why do you think this “balance” is important in helping one recover from grief?

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Adolescents and children have a different way of dealing with grief and getting through to
recovery. During such time, the child may have many questions and may often seem to be in
distress and sorrowful. Some may turn to drugs, alcohol, and other risky activities to mask their
feelings. Thus, it is important to find a means of ensuring the child learns to cope with the pain
and suppress these emotions. Several resources may help provide information regarding how a
child can deal with grief and suffering. These include articles, websites, books, non-profit
organizations, alliances, and even personal journals.
Grief Awareness Guide: A Guide for Awareness & Understanding Loss. (n.d.). Retrieved
January 28, 2017, from http://www.learnpsychology.org/now/grief/
That is a handbook that serves various purposes relating to grief and bereavement. The author
provides extensive resources that can be used to help and encourage those ...

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