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When med-surg nurses on a medical-surgical floor, doing bedside shift reports- does it lead to less medical errors when compared to traditional shift change reports at the nurse’s station?

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Nursing Report


Nursing Report

The role of a nurse is to provide care to the patient through relieving pain when
appropriate and ensuring that the patient healing process is fast and efficient. Traditionally,
nurses would work during the day and take an off for the night, however with the rising cases of
death especially in the evening period; there was a need for hospitals to offer 24-hour services
for the efficient care of the patients (Maxson et al., 2012). Therefore, some of the nurses would
work during the night, and after their shift ends, they would hand off the patient to the evening
shift nurses. There has been an ongoing debate of how and where the patient report should be
handed off. The traditional way of nurses handing off the patient reports in the absence of the
patients, as well as their families, is slowly being replaced by handing off inside the wardrooms.
Critical Analysis

Psychological Comfort
A patient and family-centered care will ensure that when the nurses are handing off the

patient reports, the family of the patient is present and able to have an overview of the patient’s
progress (Shin et al., 2015). Therefore, the form of treatment where the nurses in medical surgery
involve the family of the patient is a new approach towards the improvement of the healing
process. In most cases, the relatives of the patient are quite anxious to know the progress of their
patient and will, therefore, tend to bond with the caregiver, which is usually the nurse on that
particular shift. Since the nurses work on shift, the swapping of nurses may make the family
worried especially after surgery, as the nurse is new with the patient. For the handing off of the
case in the presence of the patient and the family, there is a lot of confidence and hope as the



new nurse is briefed on the patient and the family gets to make requests to the new nurse on how
to handle their patient. Therefore, this form of approach gives the family of the patient
psychological comfort that the new nurse will provide adequate care.

Nurse and Patient Satisfaction
According to research by Sand‐Jecklin & Sherman (2014), “bedside shift reports

increased the patient’s and nurse’s satisfaction.” Having the shift reports at the bedside helps the
nurse handing off the patient report to feel comfortable and satisfied with the one taking over the
shift has the chance to practically see the medical situation of the patient and therefore continue
with the proper care. If the nurse handing does it in the office or boardroom, there is a lower
satisfaction as there is a high likelihood of the next nurse not being keen on what is written down
resulting in a lot of medical errors.


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