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Toyota Service presented to me several items I should have preformed on my Toyota pick up truck Tacoma that I have never been exposed to before:

1. Brakes clean and adjust (F and R) preventative to keep components from seizing

2. Brake fluid  Flush

3. Perform dealer recommend fuel induction service Reduce carbon deposits

My Tacoma is 2008 with 16,000 miles.   Are these legitimate recommendations?

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Yes, they are legitimate recommendations.
1. Brakes clean and adjust - They lubricate all vital parts in the caliper assembly. An ideal job is to remove everything and clean it will cleaning solvent. Replace all drying grease. Clean all the brake pad dust accumulated around the area.

2. Brake fluid Flush. As the car aged, the fluid turns from clear to yellow or brown. If you will not flush it, it will eventually turn into dark brown fluid. A good service is draining the brake fluid from the bleeder valve. Some shortcuts they do is taking the fluid out of the reservoir directly which leaves the old fluid still in the brake lines.

3. Perform dealer recommended fuel induction service. This is pretty important and can truly benefit the performance of your engine. This procedures involves cleaning the carbon deposits inside the intake manifold. Overtime the recirculated exhaust gas build-up carbon in your intake manifold and this needs cleaning to preserve good gas mileage.

If the stealership will be charging you an arm and a leg for this job, I guess it is worth it to go DIY. There are many tutorials out there covering this type of preventive maintenance. All you need are 2 cans of fuel injector safe throttle body cleaner, brake fluids, brake fluid bleeder kit, high temperature grease. It will approximately cost you around $30 dollars or less if you do this yourself.

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