SJSU Racial Disparity & Criminal Justice System Letter to The Kansas City Star Editor

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You will review the Opinion Pages of public city newspapers to review examples of letters to the editor. The assignment to write letter to the Editor of a city Newspaper. Please include a copy of the article to which the letter is referenced -- not the website of the article.

This is the format

Your Real Name : Nhu Nguyen
Postal Address: (I fill out later)
Daytime phone number (fill out later)
Headline of the story or letter to which you're responding
Date the article appeared
Page number of the article, if you read it in the paper

There is a 150-word limit for letters to the editor.

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Explanation & Answer

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Last Name 1
Nhu Nguyen
Postal Address:
Kevin Strickland was convicted by all-white jury. That was by design, his lawyers say.
May 11, 2021
The Editor
The Kansas City Star
Kansas City, MO.64108
Dear Editor,
It is saddening that raci...

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