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Time line of American Wars

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Can someone tell me all the years when the USA  was a country and was not at war? I need the info for my report.

Sep 24th, 2017

US peace (no war during these years): 

  • 1784-1797
  • 1806-1811
  • 1816-1835
  • 1837-1845
  • 1849-1860
  • 1866-1897
  • 1899-1913
  • 1919-1940
  • 1946-1949
  • 1954-1959
  • 1976-1982
  • 1984-1988
  • 1992-1994
  • 1997-2000
All years not listed include US involvement in conflict during at least part of that year. You can fill in the gaps listed above with wars. Good luck!

Dec 18th, 2014

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Sep 24th, 2017
Sep 24th, 2017
Sep 25th, 2017
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