SFU Write a Menu Driven Program to Create & Manage the Records in The Binary File

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Write a menu driven program to create and manage the records in the binary file

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MAIN MENU 1. Create the Binary File 2. Display the contents of the file 3. Seek a specific record 4. Update the contents of a record 5. Delete a record for the specific name 6. Exit Please Enter your choice The record structure for the binary file is Student ID Student Name Email ID Course ID Grade Submission Copy the program into a notepad document and save it as Assignment 2. When completed send the document to the Open Learning Faculty Member for grading. Folllow the grading criteria for the assignment. Step Jobs Done Marks I Develop the user menu 20 II Design the student record structure 20 III Accept input from the user and write user input to a binary file 20 IV Read from the binary file and display the contents of the file 10 V Seek and list a specific record 10 VI Update the contents of a specific record 10 VII Delete a record for a specific name 10
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View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.Hey I attached the code can you test to check if it meets the requirements? The source code is in a text file since .c files are not suppo...

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