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My week following Egoism

Day 1: today i spent the day doing something that promotes my self-interest (describe and explaine how it went)

day 2: Observe people at a publiclocation. Did you notice anyone exhibiting egoism ( describe and explain)

Day 3: identify a person in your life that believes in Ethical Egoism. Explain and describe

Day 4 Identify a person in your life that belives in psychogical Egoism. Explaine and describe

Day 4 Identify a person in your life that believes in psychological Egoism. Explain and describe.

Day 5: Egoism write about your thoight on egoism

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Explanation & Answer


Day 1: Today I worked on something which was captivating and of my interest. I started to
shortlist the novels and books based on the genre I like. It was something I was planning to
do since a long time, but could never really find time for it. But today, I thought of leaving
other things aside, and focus on myself interest. It felt so satisfying to work on something I
like that I did not realize when my day ended. Once I shortlisted the books, I started reading
the first one on the list, and could not stop myself from reading it till midnight.

Day 2:...

Really helped me to better understand my coursework. Super recommended.


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