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One of the responsibilities placed on managers in today's On-Demand Economy is that of ensuring that the business processes are held to a high degree of cybersecurity. Because the concept of data-on-demand is an operational necessity that places the enterprise's and customers' resources at risk to potential fraudulent hacks, all employees, including those that sit in the loftiest of office spaces, must be trained, made aware of the various methods and practices that can lead to vulnerabilities, and held to very high standards of compliance with standard cybersecurity practices.

The growth of mobile technologies and the IoT have played a significant role in the On-Demand Economy environment. A downside to the proliferation of such technologies is the cracks and doors into the corporate and agency networks that have been opened along the data path, allowing for an increased level of black hat intrusions and reconnaissance.

Case Study Assignment

Conduct research on various methodologies and solutions relating to the implementation of effective cybersecurity programs that may be utilized to thwart outside-agency attacks on an enterprise’s networks. Your approach here should be to seek out scholarly source data relating to examples of the various cybersecurity measures that top management and IT departments might provide for employees and contractors, including data access enforcement, network intrusion detection and prevention systems, and real-time responses to incidents and attacks. You could focus your research on any one of the various types of defenses such as anti-malware applications, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs), Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPSs), biometric access, rogue app monitoring, mobile kill switch, or remote wipe capability technologies.

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Cybersecurity is one of the essential concerns for all organizations that continues to
develop online. For instance, both small and big businesses will always experience security
threats on their data since they have moved to online services and store information using cloud
systems. As a result, they are all prone to risks of cyberattacks. The companies should therefore
consolidate a great defense by ensuring that they implement best practices against cybersecurity.
The rules should focus on entire compromise systems and become able to monitor all their data.
It will help prevent cyberattacks which range from stealing credit card information and other
credentials for the organization.
First, the organization should develop a dedicated insider threat role since it plays
essential roles in modern security programs. It is risky to have employees accessing the
organizational data because they can leak the information. As a result, data theft will lead to the
loss of essential data, which has a tremendous impact on the organization. Through the creation
of an insider threat program, will helps the company secure its sensitive data. Their reputation
will be protected from getting ruined because of no exposure of data through insider attack.
Second, the organization can conduct phishing simulations sinc...

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