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i need answers for 28 questions multiple choices i will attach it her thanks for your help

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RM PART 1 X ma YouTube Translate Colorado River 02 - The Water Cycl. Sacramento and S. bom 978-3-319-05. The total log removal/inactivation requirement for virus for a conventional treatment plant is - O 1 log O 2 logs O 3 logs O 4 logs D Question 28 1 pts The SWTR gives conventional treatment a removal credit of 2.5 logs for Giardia. The remaining log inactivation is accomplished using a disinfectant, O 2.0 O 1.5 O 3 logs O4 logs 1 pts Nuestion 29 urses/36263/quizzes/199262/take te Colorado River A... E 02 - The Water Cycl...Sacramento and Sa... bbm:978-3-319-05... Question 1 1 Which of the following is NOT required to determine the CT using gaseous chlorine as the disinfectant? water temperature O turbidity Орн O chlorine residual Question 2 ART 1 gcocd. YouTube A Translate Colorado River A. 02 - The Water Cycl. Sacramento and Sa > bbm 978-3-319-05. Question 29 1 pts Which of the following is an effective way for removing iron from water? O Adding baffles to the treatment process O Adding sodium chloride Aeration and filtration O Enhanced flash mixing 1 pts Question 30 What is the MCL for HAA5s? 60 ppb O 50 ppb O 40 ppb O 30 ppb 1 O YouTube Translate Colorado River F 02 - The Water Cycl Sacramento and Sa... bbm978-3-319-05. Question 13 1 pts Which form of disinfection has the lowest value of disinfection by-products? chlorine dioxide O chlorine ozone O UV 1 pts Question 14 Which technique should NOT be used to verify proper chemical dosage? o monitor for filter break through O do a jar test O measure the Zeta potential O use past plant history ution --- YouTube Translate Colorado River A... 02 - The Water Cycl... Sacramento and sa bbm978-3-319-05.. 1 pts Question 20 Nitrification in a distribution system will _____ O produce nitrate O cause loss of chloramine residual increase heterotrophic plate counts all of the above 1 pts U Question 21 Because cannot be stored, it must be manufactured on site. O chlorine O aluminum sulfate time ozone o . ERM PART 1 X geced O YouTube Translate Colorado Rivera 02 - The Water Cycl. Smad Sacramento and Sa. bbm/978-3-319-05... D Question 15 1 pts What is the purpose of a greensand filter? O removal of iron and manganese removal of hardness used with ozone systems used in conjunction with RO membranes Question 16 1 pts What material accumulates on the top of a DAF system? surface waste sedimentation O float O none of the above *** search O RT 1 YouTube Colorado River F 02 - The Water Cycl.. Translate Sacramento and Sa.. > bbm978-3-319-05... D Question 23 1 pts The optimal fluoride feed rate for systems that fluoridate drinking water is based on annual average of maximum daily air temperatures O system location O water temperature O average age of consumers D Question 24 1 pts Disinfection byproducts from using chlorine dioxide include O chloramines bromates O chlorates and chlorites sulfites 11 X cccd YouTube Translate Colorado River F 02 - The Water Cycl Sacramento and S. 3 bbm978-3-319-05. D Question 18 1 pts In the multi-barrier approach to quality water, is the first step. O disinfection O source water quality control O filtration O coagulation Question 19 1 pts Which of the following is not a disinfectant? chlorine O chlorine dioxide monochloromethane Ochloramine 1 + cd. YouTube Trandt Colorado River 02 - The Water Cycl. Sacramento and Sa... bben978-3-319.05.. D Question 25 1 pts Excessive mud ball formation in a filter is an indication of low filtration rate O inadequate surface wash lack of filter aid O none of the above 1 pts D Question 26 Enhanced coagulation is in response to O desire to improve filtration O effort to lower disinfection by-products O achieve a higher CT O remove hardness 39 o ho + m/courses/36263/quizzes/199262/take anslate Colorado River A. 02 - The Water Cycl... Sacramento and Sa... bbm:978-3-319-05... D Question 4 1 pts The amount of TOC in the water has little effect on the amount of disinfection byproducts. True O False Question 5 1 pts Dissolve Air Flotation can be used in place of a sedimentation basin. The processuses gas sto attach and carry solids to the surface. O True O False + be Translate Colorado River F 02 - The Water Cycl... Sacramento and Sa... bbm 978-3-319-05 D Question 6 1 pts Alum and ferric salts are the most common inorganic coagulants. O True O False 1 pts D Question 7 What is the optimum dose for fluoride in San Diego? O 0.2-0.4 mg/L O 0.6-1.6 mg/L 0 2.0-4.0 mg/L O 8.0-10.6 mg/L + uTube Translate Colorado River 02 - The Water Cycl.. D Question 8 Sacramento and Sa > bbm.978-3-319-05 1 pts What two chemicals are usually used to oxide iron and manganese? O chlorine and potassium permanganate soda ash and potassium permanganate Olime and chlorine o chlorine and ammonia 1 pts D Question 9 Disinfection by-products are formed when disinfectants are added to a surface groundwater and they react with alkalinity TOC and NOM O coagulants O manganese and iron
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