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  • From the Discussion Preparation, analyze at least two primary economic assumptions and examine their short- and long-term impact on promoting the competitive market model in the health care environment. Evaluate the fundamental reasons why price and utilization economic factors in the health care setting influence competitive market status in regard to supply and demand for health care services. Provide at least one example of such factors to support your response.
  • Take a position on whether or not monopolistic competition works within a health care setting. Support for your position should include a discussion of the monopoly model being used to predict the allocation of resources in health care markets within preferred provider organizations.

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Health & Medical Discussion

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Health & Medical Discussion
Primary economic assumptions in the health sector include inflation, social security, and the
cost-of-living adjustment.
When the prices of goods and services go up over time in a certain economy, we
consider that to be inflation. Within the health facilities, if there is inflation, people will have a
hard time accessing the hospitals as there is no money to cater to their health in terms of services
rendered by the health care providers and no money to cater t...

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