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For this assignment, use the link provided in this lesson to search for a bill or law. Select a health care policy, read the policy, determine your own position on the bill or law and formulate a letter to your House or Senate Representative (Texas). Your letter should describe position on the bill or law and ask the public official about his or her position on it.

Draft a letter that is respectful and clearly articulates your position on the health policy of your choice. Remember, when writing to a public official, be objective, clear in your message, and above all, respectful. Within the content of your letter, ask the representative whether they support the bill or law and about their rationale for this support. You can also ask the representative to support your position and provide a reason.

Email or postal mail your letter to the individual you selected. If you receive a response, please share your response in the discussion forum. Please understand that you may not receive a response within the timeframe of this course.

Be sure to follow the proper format for your letter and use the resources from the lesson.

Upload the letter you have written and any responses you might receive from your representative. At the bottom of your letter, provide the email address or physical address that you sent it to.

Points Possible: 25

5 points for clearly identifying the health policy you selected

5 points for letter content – are you well informed on the policy?

12 points for letter structure and format

3 points for writing level

Please find one for the State of Texas.

Link in the attached PDF to search for bills and law is not working. Please find the below link. Thank you.


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Communication with a Public Official As a health care administrator, you will be in a position to advocate for Search for Bills or Laws reforms and changes to health Find your Senator care policy based on your expert Find your House knowledge. This Representative knowledge can be used to leverage Sample Letter to Senator or government officials House Representative that might otherwise not fully understand health care in general. In your role, you will have the ability to be a resource and guide to your Senator or House Representative. In order to develop skill in this process, it is important to understand how to contact a public official and establish dialog that might be helpful to him or her and to communicate an important message regarding your position on certain issues relating to health care policy formation. The first step in contacting a public official rests with the idea that you have something of value to say. Perhaps your local public official is considering a new law regarding the provision of funding for birth control to help reduce the incidence of teen pregnancy. As a health care administrator or even simply as an interested citizen, you can search for the bill under consideration and read the bill to become informed. Maybe you think the idea is wonderful but you are concerned that funding will be an issue for your small community. Perhaps you are opposed to using State of Federal funds to combat this issue and are opposed to it. Consider your position carefully. Write notes to yourself that describe your position and the pros and cons of your position. Consider how the new law (if passed) might impact your business or employer. As you consider your position, draft a first letter that articulates your thoughts. Have a colleague review the letter to ensure that its tone and message are respectful and objective. Be sure that you speak from a position of knowledge rather than one of ignorance. This is demonstrated in your knowledge of the proposed legislation. Revise your letter to a final draft. Once you are confident your letter properly and respectfully speaks to the issue, send it to your public official. You will get a response. In some cases, your public official may recognize your status in health care and call you to solicit additional information from you regarding your position. Perhaps the public official has not made a decision on his or her position yet and seeking additional clarification. Whatever the case may be – be prepared to have a legitimate and informed conversation. In some cases, you may receive nothing more than a standard thank you letter. However, understanding how to communicate with a public official provides skill that will help you establish and ongoing dialog for the future.
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Health and Medical Letter
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May 9th, 2021
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Dear House of Representatives,
The purpose of writing this letter is to communicate my concern about the 117th
congress bill that amends the family and medical leave act and the emergency paid sick
leave act to extend paid leave and other purposes. In an economy in which the
healthcare costs are increasing, and there is increasing pressure to reduce costs,
extending the paid leave could lead to adverse outcomes for the economy and public

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