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For this project, you will create a detailed, organized, and unified technical solution given a scenario described in the document linked below. ITS430_PortfolioProjectScenario.pdf

The outline below provides points to cover. You are free to provide additional, related information.

Provide technical and justifications reasons for each choice, citing resources as appropriate. Provide rough estimates of scheduling and manpower required for deploying your solution. You may summarize the schedule and manpower at the end of the document or individually for each section.

The Windows Server 2012 operating system should be used for all aspects of the solution.

The topics to be covered are:

1.Deployment and Server Editions

o How many servers total are needed? Which roles will be combined?

o  What edition of Windows Server will be used for each server (e.g., Standard, Data)?

o  Will Server Core be used on any servers?

o  Where is each of the servers located (which of the two sites)?

o  How will the servers be deployed?


o  DNS namespace design (e.g.,domain name[s] chosen, split DNS for Internet/intranet, zones)?

o  How will DNS be handled for the second site?

3.Active Directory

o  Number of AD domains and names of domains?

o  Will there be any Read-Only Domain Controllers?

o  How will the second site factor into domain controller placement? How will AD sites be configured?

4.File and Printer Sharing

o  What shares might be needed? (Consider some of the reasoning supplied in the relevant chapter of the textbook.)

o  How will quotas/FSRM be configured? (Consider all aspects, such as thresholds, altering, file screens, and reporting.)

o  Will a DFS namespace be implemented?

5.Remote Services

o  How will the remote services be configured?

o  Who will have access?

o  How are the remote services going to be secure?


Include at least two diagrams illustrating the student’s chosen Active Directory design with DNS
namespace hierarchy. The submission will be 8-10 pages in length (not counting diagrams).

Cite and discuss no fewer than 5 credible sources, written in APA style.

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