Hard isnit to change an timing chain gasket on a 2003 ford escape v3 3.0l

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my ford escape is leaking oil from the timing chain  cover. I was wondering if it is hard to change the gasket and how  hard it is to access.

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Hello! One of the most difficult parts of the task of replacing a head gasket in a vehicle is simply accessing the gasket. In order to do so, you have to carefully remove a large set of different engine components. The head gasket is located deep within the engine framework. For a specific idea of how to remove the parts necessary to access the gasket, it's helpful to use your vehicle owner's manual as a guide. Look through the manual for a breakdown of how to access the head gasket specifically in your car. When removing the components, be sure to handle each piece very carefully so as not to break it. Put them aside in the same order in which you remove them.


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