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Attached is a copy of the requirements for the project, I will be presenting on Ed Giehn.

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OneDrive/Documents/criminal%20minds.pdf + Page view A Read aloud Criminal Minds Project You will be assigned a criminal mind project. This assignment is about focusing on an infamous person with a mental disorder. You need to identify and present significance in the following areas: childhood, late adolescent early twenties, family influence, diagnosis/treatment (including meds if prescribed), substance abuse alcohol, the infamous act/traumatic event, incarceration, death, where they are now and what are the circumstances. Explain how all of the events are tied together and most importantly how the effects of an underlying (and often untreated) mental illness contributes to a human being's demise. You will be presenting this project in your second day clinical at Madden. Student Criminal Mind Richard Speck Aileen Wournos Jeffrey Dahmer John Wayne Gacey H.H. Holmes Ted Bundy . Jim Jones . . Charles Cullen Earl Nelson Charles Manson Genene Jones Richard T. Chase Ed Giehn BTK Dennis Rader R. Kuklinski DC Sniper Bob Yates Albert Fish Grim Sleeper Son of Sam Columbine Killers Zodiac Killer Unabomber Harpe Brothers Menendez Bros Michael Swango Kristen Gilbert Valerie Solanas Henry Lee Lucas . . . O Ht7 199+
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Ed Giehn Outline
❖ Identification and Present Significance
❖ Diagnosis/Treatment
❖ Substance Abuse
❖ The Infamous Act
❖ Incarceration
❖ Death
❖ Events Connection
❖ How Effects of Mental Illness Contribute to Human Demise
❖ References


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Ed Giehn
Identification and Present Significance
Ed Giehn's childhood was highly eventful. He was born in Wisconsin in La Crosse in 1906,
the month of August (McHugh,2018). Ed’s parents were Augusta, who died in 1945, and George
Philip died in 1940. Ed had a brother known as Henry George, who lived from 1901 to 1944.
Ed's father was an alcoholic who kept on leaving jobs. He had worked in various fields, which
includes carpentry, insurance, and as a tanner. Ed's family left to the city to settle in a 63-hectare
farm in Plainfield, Wisconsin; thus, the farm turned to be their permanent home. Giehn was
spending most of the time on the farm performing farming duties. Ed’s life was revolving around
school and farm. During his early 20’s his mother was still very strict with Giehn and did not
allow him to associate with other friends around their residence. Henry never liked how their
mother was treating Gien. Ed was a shy student in school who enjoyed laughing at his jokes. His
mother disliked Ed's making new friends; thus, she punished him if he made friends. This made
Ed have poor social development. His family, particularly the mother, influenced Ed to lack
socialization skills, and his interaction with his agemates was poor. Edward’s mother instilled in
Edward a belief that female individuals were not good.
Gein was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and considered insane (Schmidt,2020). He was then
taken to a mental hospital. In Mendota mental health, most of the medical practitioners reported
that Gein was a cooperating patient. However, the medical staff was worried about his nature of
staring at female workers and the nurses. After being diagnosed with Schizophrenia, he was
declared unfit to face charges. After ten years, he was considered fit to stand trial. The medical

officers examined the mental status Ed and ruled out that he had Schizophrenia. To treat the
condition, hospitalization was required. He was also given the necessary medication and
psychosocial therapy to help in managing the schizophrenic disorder.
Substance Abuse
Ed's mother was strict, thus prevented Gein from engaging in substance abuse. Edward's
father was an alcoholic. His wife hated the behavior and warned her sons Henry and Edward
from engaging in alcoholism. Augusta ensured that her children were never involved in
The Infamous Act
In 1954 December, an older woman by the name of Hogan disappeared. The security
authorities suspected Gein even though there was no satisfactory evidence to prove the crime.
Gein also admitted that he had shot Mary Hogan after the officers found Hogan's head in
Edward's house. Hogan was an older woman who owned a tavern in the city.
In November 1957, hardware owner Bernice Worden went missing. A resident claimed that
the hardware truck had been driven out of the b...

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