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Drafting the Elevator Speech

Hi, my name is Tasha Smith, in 2003 I was injured in Operation Iraqi Freedom and got a Traumatic brain injury and had the best military medics and the Veterans Hospital doctors and nursing staff caring for me for a year of rehab that change my life and made me change my career and I am currently working as a healthcare office manager for dialysis clinic at the VA hospital. Not only am I good in health care and medical work; I’m also a professional manager with great leadership skills.In the past, I have had an opportunity to work as a medical Assistant in the United States Air force. I have also worked as a phlebotomist training supervisor. Working as a healthcare manager has given me a lot of satisfaction since I feel as if I am making a difference in the lives of the patients I serve.

Having worked in the healthcare environment for many years and now in dialysis and working with Veteran Affairs I would like to pursue more opportunities through working in a more challenging environment. I noted that your hospital is broad and offers more services than my current place of work. I am hoping that you could hire me in your facility where I will expand my experience as I continue serving the public with my unique talents. I am also eager to work in your facility since I have been made aware of the great skills that the staff members have both in leadership and in health care fields. I am also aware of the training programs that are offered within the hospital to all staff members working within the facility. It would be my hope that I could have the opportunity to learn more about healthcare and management with your facility. I believe that I would be a great fit for your organization. Please accept my resume for review.

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5 February 2017
Response to Drafting the Elevator Speech
I would really like to recommend you Tasha Smith especially for your decision of
changing your career after receiving quality services from the Veterans hospital. Havi...

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