how to create, plan, and manage a nonprofit organization.

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This adding to the first part that you have already completed please use the same organization you created already!

Action plans/Implementation/Activities

Describe the systematic process or steps the organization will take to achieve its goals and objectives. Also, discuss how the organization will utilize its resources such as board members, staff, volunteers, equipment, and software to fulfill the organization's mission.

Marketing Plan

Discuss whom the organization will target for funding and whom it will provide services to. Also, describe the techniques and strategies it will utilize to get the message out to the public.

Financial Management

Discuss how the organization will generate revenue by describing the types of funding and grants it will seek. Also, create a budget sheet that shows projected expenditures such as rent, payroll, equipment, and so on.

Evaluation Process

Describe the organization's plan to evaluate its performance and measure the impact of services and programs for improvement.

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Nonprofit Organization

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Creating a successful plan in managing the Dream Alive Generation requires a lot of
efforts for the organization. This will involve coming up with an action plan which will describe
the process which the organization will take in order to achieve the set goals and objectives. A
marketing plan will also be important for the Dream Alive Generation as well as a financial
management plan on how the organization will target its funding. An evaluation strategy to
measure the performance and the impact of its programs and services will also be essential in
creating a plan for managing the organization.

Creating an action plan

In order for the Dream Alive Generation to achieve its objectives and goals, a variety of
systematic steps will be taken. This will include developing the goals of the organization by
establishing the individual goals of every program that the organization will run. Revising the
job description of different positions will also be essential so that they can align with the
individual goals of the organization (Homan, 2016). Matching the organization’s goals with the
means required to achieve the desired outcome will also help the Dream Alive Organization in
achieving the set objectives by ensuring the availability of resources which will facilitate
efficient and effective achievement of the set goals. Establishing the check-points through
regular meetings between the management of the organization and the subordinates in discussing
the progress achieved in...

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