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Answer the following questions:

1. Explain how changes in politics, economics, social factors, and violence interacted to effect the situation of African-Americans in the New South?

2. What rights did Chinese immigrants and Chinese- Americans gain in these years, and what limitations did they experience? How did their experiences set the stage for other restrictions on immigration?

3. How did consumerism and the idea of the "American way of life" affect people's understanding of American values, including the meaning of freedom, in the 1820s?

4. Which groups did not share in the prosperity of the 1920s and why?

5. Who supported restricting immigration in the 1920s and why? Why were they more successful in gaining federal legislation to limit immigration in these years?

6. Identify the causes of the Great Depression.

7. What principles guided President Hoover's response to the Great Depression, and how did this restrict his ability to help the American people?

8. In what ways did the ideas about (and the reality of proper roles for women change in these years?

Answers should exhibit careful thought and logical reasoning and provide evidence for your position. Each response should be at least one well-developed paragraph (approximately 4-6 sentences or more) Use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

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Question 1
In the slavery era, most black communities lived in the south, primarily in reserves. After
the civil war, segregation and white supremacy became more pronounced, especially in the new
south, where most African Americans lived. The Fourteenth Amendment allowed citizenship and
equal protection by the law to the Black community, and later amendments permitted African
Americans to vote. However, after the civil wars, the whites could not allow the Blacks to share
public transportations and public accommodations, which worsened. African American
businesspeople in the new south accumulated their wealth by attending to black customers
needing barber services, bank services, and entertainment. African American leaders such as
Henry Grady advocated for industrialization in the south to boost the economy since the area was
mainly dependent on agriculture. Due to violence from the whites and totalitarianism from the
Jim Crow laws, the African Americans in the south formed civil rights movements to fight for
their rights (Levy, 2019).
Question 2
The Chinese Exclusion Act approved by congress advocated that the people of Chinese
descent carry identification cards or be deported. The Act lasted for ten years and was replaced
by more strict measures to limit the Chinese from accessing bail bonds. The Chinese men were
also prohibited from marrying white women and denied citizenship, and prevented from owning
land. Additionally, naturalized Chinese citizens were deprived of the right to vote and
employment. The Chinese exclusion only allowed entry to those who were diplomats, teachers,
tourists, and students. In the early years, the Chinese had the privilege of entering the United


States using "credit ticket" paid by businessmen to provide cheap labor. The increased numbers...

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