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two page type essay watching a quart room video and writing about it! Everything else and further information explain should be in all the pictures!

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Am Govt 10 Ider Observation.docx 再調 1/2 > 157% ab In a typical year before Covid-19, students froi High School would complete three observations throughout the semester. These observations usually included a court room observation, a city council meeting, and some sort of administrative hearing. These types of observations allowed the students to see the theory of our governmental parts put into action. Most students find the courtroom observation to be the most interesting because it isn't some courtroom drama on television, but a real life drama with real people that have been hurt and real defendants who are being tried for their alleged crimes. In many instances students are shocked that they could attend in person just about any trial that is being tried at the El Cajon courthouse without special permission. Remember the founders specifically wanted trials in their new country to be open to the public because they believed they would be fairer this way. Since you cannot attend trials in person, you will watch a trial on this strange site called the Youtube. Try not to pick a famous. case as no one behaves normally during those trials. For this assignment, you will watch between 30-45 min of a trial. Pay attention and comment on the iudae Prosecutor attornevrenresenting the state in the trial and acer c Oll $ ол 9 & * 4 6 7 ( 9 8 ) 0 r t У u i 0 p 3 m Govt 10 der Observation.docx > 1 /2 ) 157% |-| ab! I For this assignment, you will watch between 30-45 min of a trial. Pay attention and comment on the Judge, Prosecutor (attorney representing the state in the trial and usually sits closest to the jury box), the defendant's attorney, the defendant, and also most importantly the jury. These individuals will be deciding the guilt or innocence of the defendant and how they all do their jobs will have a large impact in the outcome of the trial. The attorneys in the case will probably not be equal in their abilities. Which one did you think did a better job in getting their point across? Do you believe one of the attorneys more than the other? Why, what did they say or didn't say that influenced your opinion? The judge's job in a trial is supposed to rule on objections, provide a framework for the trial, instruct the jury, and ultimately may decide what the punishment for the defendant will be if they are found guilty. What are they like? How old are they, race, sex? Do they appear to be paying attention or do you think they are distracted a I acer 3 o $ % л & * 5 6 7 ( ( 9 8 0 RADE REPORT Q Am Govt 10 der Observation.docx 1/2 > 157% © H I ab] Usilaleu. Hihet The jury is composed of 12 random people chosen from the DMV records. Who ultimately makes it onto a trial is the result of challenges that each attorney will make. Each attorney is trying to pick a jury that they think will lead to a positive outcome for their side. What is the ethnic make-up of the jury, ages, sex, etc.? Do they look like they are paying attention? Does anything that is said in the trial seem to spark a reaction from the jury? Would you want these people deciding the guilt or innocence of you if you were on trial? What is the defendant doing? Are they paying attention to the proceedings or are they zoning out? Is there any communication with their attorney? Are they making any facial expressions that you find annoying or the jury might. acer > 0 % 1 & * 5 6 7 ( 9 8 O RESOURCES GRADE REPORT Q B0 8 Am Govt 10 Folder ESSE m Observation.docx ti APARIENTHREN WE צילומי הריון 2/2 157% © HI ab] I Finally, is this the best way to try accused individuals in the United States? Do you think that you could do a fair and honest job sitting on the jury deciding the guilt or innocence of an accused individual? You either can be already in that situation right now since you are 18 years old or could be there next year. It has been argued that professional jurors might be able to do a better job at understanding the complex legal instructions that the jury is given by the judge. Of course professional jurors would not be a "jury of your peers" that the founders thought so important to a fair trial. Please include your opinion of whether we should still use 12 regular people or to go with the professional jurors. You have your normal requirements for these papers, 2 typed pages, double spaced, 12 point font, 1" margins. Since the second half of this paper was for some reason not sent in the first posting, turn this paper in by this Saturday, May 15th acer o % л & * 5 6 7 8 9 ) 0
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Analysis of Courtroom Proceedings
Courts play a core aspect in our society because they regulate our behaviors towards
others. The lawbreakers are taken to court, where the case is heard, and the jury administers
justice. Courts serve to control human behavior and also solve disputes that arise in society. For
my observation, I chose a case that resonated with me. It was a divorce case where the woman
was left with three kids to take care of, and she was to be supported by the ex-husband.
However, she got tired of raising three kids independently and therefore sued her ex-husband for
not supporting the children. The courts start with murmurs from whe...

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