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To what extend should management allow the union to select the compartments of an economic package in a contract negotiation? How could an opponent in bargaining overcome what appears to be strong commitment to an issue by its opposite member? What strategies should management use in bargaining when a settlement that was unanimously recommended by the unions bargaining team is rejected? Why don’t more firms use lockouts to break impasses? What conditions are necessary for mediation to assist in settling an impasse? Do you believe the present rights given to strikers by the NLRB are appropriate? Should they be increased or decreased? Why would including such programs as union-management cooperation programs in the collective agreement be difficult? In return for cooperation or participation in partnerships, should unions be guaranteed a seat on an organization’s board of Directors? Should the Electromation decision be overturned? Should management be required to consult with the union about discipline before it imposes rather than simply providing for grievance processing after imposition? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a program for reducing the number of written grievances?
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