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  1. View the Module Matinee One (Links to an external site.) multimedia presentation.
    • Film Summary: Fletcher Reede is a fast-talking attorney--and a habitual liar. He misuses the concept of identity management to justify dishonesty in his personal and business affairs. Reede's five-year-old son wishes that his father would be unable to tell a lie for just one day, and miraculously the wish comes true.
  2. By Thursday, answer each of these questions in a post in the discussion forum. Use the chapter content to respond to the following:
    • Chapter 1 describes the characteristics of communication competence. Analyze Fletcher Reede’s behavior in terms of these qualities. Explain how his behavior either reflects or fails to reflect these qualities. Use specific examples to illustrate.
    • Based on your response to the previous question, would you describe Fletcher Reede as a high self-monitor or a low self-monitor?
    • Chapter 3 discusses self-concept. Much of Fletcher Reede’s simultaneous verbal and non-verbal communication are divided. What factors discussed in Chapter 3 might explain this opposition? What’s the potential effect on the receiver?

**In-text citations required. Please add full citation at the end of your post.

REMEMBER: You want to create a fully developed response with a logical flow rather than a list of responses to the set of prompts. You may or may not want to respond in the order they are listed here.

  1. By Sunday, read the discussion forum posts from your classmates and respond to two of them.

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Communication Discussion
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Communication Discussion

Fletcher Reede’s response behavior is tailored best to suit its recipient. It is a disposition that
entails using lies to ensure that message gets across clearly and comprehensively. Reede possesses
the five primary traits of competent communication in an overlapping dimension. The
characteristics include self-awareness, adaptability, ethics, cognitive complexity, and empathy
(Rahmi et al., 2017). According to the National Capital Language Resource Centre, competent
communication is the accurate and appropriate exploitation of language to realize communication
goals. Technically, Reed...

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