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After Reading Charlotte Perkins Gilman's "The Yellow Wall-paper" and examining the story in its historical context,

  1. Briefly summarize the Yellow Wallpaper and it's meaning. (At least 200 words)
  2. What was life like for some American women in the mid- to late-nineteenth century and early twentieth century?
  3. To what extent did Gilman's work serve as a reflection and speak back to a woman's place in society during the time?
  4. How were gender roles in the U.S. affected by the suffrage movement?
  5. Do you think there are still ongoing issues of gendered discrimination happening in the field of medicine?

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Short Story Analysis

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Short Story Analysis
In her story "The Yellow Wall-Paper," Charlotte explains about feminism journals which
her husband prohibits her from writing. She experiences a serious nervous situation that her
husband takes her to rest in a room that once served as a nursery (Gilman, 1999). The room she
is kept in seems to be very unappealing and has peeling wallpaper. The husband thinks that
Charlotte's condition can only be cured with ultimate rest and no external activities need to be
conducted. Specifically, he argues that his wife is forbidden from writing, although Charlotte
secretly writes since it makes her better (Gilman, 1999). A...

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