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Literature stands the test of time when its message is still relevant to contemporary readers. For your mini-essay post, choose one of the Shakespearean sonnets. Explain how and why someone reading the poem today can relate to its message. (Note: You may not choose a Shakespearean sonnet that is not included in the course lesson.)

Read three of Shakespeare’s most famous sonnets. Read each one through two or three times to get the feel of the language and the meaning of the sonnet. Then, click on the paraphrase and analysis link below the sonnet to see if you “got it”! Only these sonnets are assigned in this course:

The Mini-Essays (your "new thread" in the discussion) are Gordon Rule assignments. Therefore, you should use your best writing skills when you work on these assignments. Each Mini-Essay and Discussion assignment has three basic requirements:

Prepare: Read the literature that is the assignment and take note of its discussion question. Be careful to answer the discussion question for each Mini-Essay. You work needs to be "on topic," as the saying goes.

Write: Adhere to the length requirements for the Mini-Essay and the discussion portion of the assignment. "New Threads" should be at least 300 words in length. Keep in mind that this is a short essay assignment, not a paragraph assignment. They require what any essay requires, an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement, supporting body paragraphs, and a conclusion. For the Mini-Essay, a short introduction with a thesis, one supporting body paragraph, and a short conclusion.

In-text Citations: If you use a quotation from the literature in your mini-essay, please place an in-text citation (also called a parenthetical citation) immediately after you close the quotation marks and before you place a period for your sentence. That way, anyone in the class (including me!) can easily find the quotation in the literature if necessary. MLA format. 

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Sonnet 18
A well-structured art should remain essential and respected over generations. A piece of
art that stands such a test of time is considered significant. Different ages encounter varied
challenges, hence attracting various solutions. Literature is an image of society; therefore,
literature pieces that stand the test of time aid in creating the most feasible...

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