Hooters Story Two Women Daily Encounters Play Analysis Paper

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1) What is the story? Briefly describe the plot. 1/3 page

2) Discuss the themes and relevance of the story. What is it trying to convey? 1/3 pg

3) Pick a scene from the play and one character in that scene. Analyze the scene as the actor that is responsible for portraying the role and address what’s below in first person POV, as opposed to academically analyzing it from a distance or analyzing it from an audience point of view. Discuss the Given Circumstances that are important to your (as the character) overall problem in this scene. What are you dealing with (Given Circumstances) and how would this influence your exploration of this role? Important note- do not write about YOUR personal given circumstances, you are to write about the character in the story! ½ pg

The way I am looking for you to respond here is in the first person, knowing that you the actor are being asked to step into the character's shoes. Using the Break of Noon as an example, it will look something like this: "In the scene between John and Ginger, I am going to analyze the scene as though I am the actor playing John. Ginger is my ex-wife, and we had a tumultuous relationship. I was a bad husband and not the best father and I know she still holds on to a lot of how I used to be..."

4) Write out a possible GOTE sheet that you would explore in rehearsals as you investigate the life of this role in the scene from #3 above. ¾ page

This continues just like above. "My goal is to try to convince Ginger that I have changed..."

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Play: Hooters
The Hooters is a play by Ted Tally about daily encounters of two women, Cheryl and
Ronda, and two young men, Ricky and Clint, at Cape Cod motel, as they form and familiarize
themselves with the situation comedy. Clint is intellectual, shy, and eager, while Ricky is the
overpowered operator. The boys' eagerness is in contrast with the unconcern of the two young
ladies, even though the prettier if the later-bearing in mind that what has been unfortunately
uncovered is more than what her friend would like. Cheryl mediates about her role and is
anxious starting to think about the forthcoming marriage to an extremely tedious bank executive.
The event proceeds extremely to a very funny picnic consisting of drinking beer and an allusive
talk, after which one of the boys manages to win the more attractive girls Ronda. At the end of
the play, the boys realize that o...

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