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My problem is mainly during faster speeds 50-60 then having to slow down to a complete stop. If I stop fast after coming from faster sppeds my truck stalls or wants to stall. When it trys to stall I notice the volt meter drop. When it stalls it shuts completely down and starts right back up. Happened today at toll booth. At the point of stopping it completely stalled. 

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Check mass air flow sensor and the throttle positioning valve if so equipped. If this car is equipped with crank positioning sensor, please check that also. For older vehicle without crank positioning sensor and without air flow sensor, check the timing advance vacuum valve ( this is a circular valve bolted on the side of distributor and the vacuum hose connected on the intake manifold.

Double check for any vacuum leaks. Sufficient vacuum leak on the intake manifold is enough to stall your car when slowing down.

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