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Assignment 1 Due June 6, 2021

For this assignment, you will be creating an analytics requirements document (ARD) using the DecisionsFirst software. Be sure to review any of the tutorials and other materials to refresh yourself on the process and procedure for using the software.

Week 1 Discussion

Wednesday, May 19, 2021 12:01 AM EDT - Tuesday, May 25, 2021 11:59 PM EDT.

Weekly discussion topics are designed to help you enhance an understanding of the course topics. Each week your discussion forum grades will be credited according to the following expectations.

  • Answer at least one of the discussion questions by Sunday midnight to allow time for classmates' comments before the week ends.
  • Respond to at least one post by a class member by Tuesday midnight. Make sure that a response adds substance to the post.
  • All posts need to be an original work. The discussion grade will be based on substance, timeliness, the clarity and quality of initial post and response post, and the depth of analysis.
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Discussion week 1
What is the impact of 'poor' or 'incomplete' decision-making? What measures of
effectiveness are used in your organization?
Decision-making in companies in most cases, is about bringing a new idea or concept
that is meant to solve or improve a certain area of the company. Regardless of its application,
the decision being made has to have a positive impact and with that, e the most feasible
amongst the range of options. As a continuous process, decision-making relies on data from
various entities as data drives better decisions, e.g., in cases or any other financial sectors
(Brynjolfsson & McElheran, 2016). For employee-related decisions, this would greatly
impact their job satisfaction and thus overall effect on performance.
Poor or incomplete data, in most cases, is the reason for poor decisions being made.
Thus it is up to those making the decision to go further than the data thus ensuring more
insightful decisions are made. Poor decision-making when it comes to employees is likely to
affect their performance as they get a negative reception from the employees. Employees
want to feel cared for and while making decisions, the organizations gas to see the
consequences from their perspectives. Likewise, poor decision-making in terms of finances
or company operations might result in financial losses. The result, no matter the path, is that
the organization as a unit will have to suffer losses.
To ensure effective decision-making, the organization, depending on the expertise and
experience of the person, involves employees in the decision-making process. Employees
should be involved in decisions especially those that affect them in the organization. With
multiple parties aiding in decision making, the views will be less biased and thus a better
decision. The organization also analyzes various alternatives while keeping in mind that an
effective decision has to emerge the best when compared to other alternatives based on facts.

Data also plays an important role especially in the sales and finances sector in that it provides
backup on what a correct decision is and how it affects the company. Data analytics also
plays a role in decision-making in that based on the data, the company can predict the future
and impact of the decision (Edward & Dwivedi, 2019).

Brynjolfsson, E., & McElheran, K. (2016). The rapid adoption of data-driven decisionmaking. American Economic Review, 106(5), 133-39.

Edwards, J. S., & Dwivedi, Y. K. (2019). Artificial intelligence for decision making in the era
of Big Data–evolution, challenges and research agenda. International Journal of
Information Management, 48, 63-71.

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Saba Safa
Decision-making is a process more like a Boolean where the outcomes are either bad or good
depending on the type of decision that is arrived at after the decision-making process is
completed. The team or person responsible for the decision has to look across all their options
before landing on the most viable solution going forward that is based on the demographics
of the decision. Poor decision-making is usually a result of failure to observe all the facts
involved in a decision. With skilled personnel accustomed to decision-making, it will be
much easier for a company to make more effective decision-making. Technology, as stated, is
also a great way in that while it might not make the decision for the company, analytic data
results can be used to drive decision-making. Using analytical software, decision-makers can
have a forecast on the possible outcomes of a certain path.

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Assignment 1: Decision Framing

Decision Framing

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Assignment 1: Decision Framing

Decision Framing
As of April 2021, the unemployment rate in the United States, according to the
department of labor, is at 6.1 percent with a large percentage of this population looking for
jobs. The reason for such a high unemployment rate is due to firing and layoffs in the
company in the wake of improving operations. The fact is that layoffs happen every day
across the United States and had since seen a spark with the COVID-19 pandemic that left
most companies in a financial crisis (Tu, Li, & Wang, 2021). The decision behind layoffs
gets only harder when it comes to deciding who should be let go by the company. A layoff
comes after the company due to reasons such as finances, migration to remote work, etc.
before conducting a layoff, however, the company has to ensure that this is the best way
forward given all the factors that have led to the decision. Among the decisions to be made
include; who will be responsible, what strategy is to be followed, when should the layoff
happen, and what criteria are to be used in the layoff i.e. is it age, experience, performance,
etc., Layoff decisions in most companies take into account the performance reports and
contribution the employee has had on the company. These form great sources of knowledge
as they enlighten the team in the decision-making process. The aim here is that while
releasing employees- to maybe cut on the operational costs- the company has to maintain its
best employees.
Deciding who to let go is the most important step in the layoff process as this will
either determine if the company would benefit or lose from the layoff. The layoff has to be
done in a way that the company, despite losing few employees, can still function and, in turn,

Assignment 1: Decision Framing

manage to balance the affected areas. A series of decisions have to be made by the company's
human resource department before a narrowed-down list can finally be produced. Before
deciding on a layoff, the first consideration must be whether a layoff is the best and only
option given the factors presented e.g. operational costs. Companies normally have between
salary cuts, layoffs, reduction in benefits, cut on production, etc. with the company deciding
on a layoff, this would then mark the start of a range of decisions before the narrowed down
list of employees to be released is made. The layoff process takes a series of steps for the
team responsible for coming up with a list of employees to be let go by the company based on
the criteria set for the process.
Layoffs have for a long time been taken negatively by employees in the organization,
both departing and the ones that survived the cut. The issue here is the fact that employees
despite the steps taken in the process, find it unfair and biased to an extent. The challenge in
layoffs has always been the retal...

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