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For maximum points, a well rounded short form essay should reach at least 3 pages double spaced or 1 1/2 single spaced .

The rubric included will give you criteria to hit for each point level. Meaning what type of work constitutes an A, B, C, etc.

You are choosing again to write on 1 essay topic out of the 5 different topics provided.

Sources that can be used: OpenStax, documentaries, articles provided and scholarly articles of educational based websites (with websites included as a footnote each time you refer to a quote or an example). Sources NOT to be included, Wikipedia, Quizlet, any student forums which share essays, or further obvious sites like that. I trust that you know the proper outlets for research used for educational purposes. Plagiarism review is added on to all Final submission papers, to be free from this, always use quotes and provide references when you use someone else's words. The rest of the writing is simply your own analysis of the material. Points are not taken off for grammar mistakes/spelling etc, but of course spell check everything to the best of your ability.

And lastly, this is more of an essay on your thoughts and perspective of the material and display of knowledge with what you learned. Quotes can be used, but kept at a minimum since I'll be grading your own work . A good rule of thumb with papers is to keep quotes at 15-20% of writing at most, the rest should be your own sentences.


1) Detail the course of Civil Rights in this country in terms of US Amendments, civil law, practice, etc. What laws were implemented to promote equality? You may chose any group of people to focus on and discuss their path with civil rights. Lastly, include your thoughts their civil rights stand in 2021.

2) Discuss the role between social media and the government. How are these two connected? In terms of public opinion, what specific examples have you learned about how social media can influence politics?

3) Explain in detail the why America runs on a 2 -party system and how each of these two parties have evolved and what they mean to America today. Do you feel that more parties should be included? Why or why not?

4) Discuss the checks and balances system we have with the legislative, executive and judicial branch. With this unique system, discuss how Congress, the role of the Presidency, and the Supreme Court are interwoven together. Include any situation in history or modern times that magnified the relationships between them. For example, with the passing of Ruth Ginsberg last year, picking a new lifetime Supreme Court judge came head on with the Presidency. You can discussion this situation or bring up another example.

5) Go into further detail about the U.S foreign policy from what you already discussed in Chapter 17. Bring up an example that Openstax referenced and go into further detail discussing the elements of international politics, the consequences, the outcome etc. Be sure to use scholarly examples only once you research outside of OpenStax. Use their references as well for further reading.

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Surname 1
Why America runs on a 2-party System and necessity of third-parties
Since 1852, presidential elections in the United States have only featured two
candidates from the Democratic and Republican parties except for the 1912 elections. In the
1912 elections, Theodore Roosevelt, a former Republican president ran as a third-party
candidate and lost to Woodrow Wilson in the second position. As will be discussed later,
before the Democratic and Republican parties became the primary parties, the Whig and
Democratic parties reigned. The two reigned before the dominant National Republican and
Democratic parties. This historical dominancy of two parties proves that the U.S. has all
along thrived as a two-party system because of several reasons. According to Blake, the twoparty system has historically dominated the United States’ politics because of the winnertake-all method (par.4). Under this method, candidates who run for Congress only require a
plurality of votes to be elected while the presidential candidates require to win the plurality of
votes among the 48 out of 50 states. Blake uses Duverger’s law to explain this two-party
system arguing that third parties are unable to compete because there is no prize for winning
since, if 25 percent of the cast votes is required to make a candidate a winner, then voters will
likely choose candidates with a high likelihood of winning. The United States’ two-party
winner-take-all system is based on plurality voting also known as first-past-the-post voting.
Plurality voting is where a candidate having the most votes wins whether he/she gains the
majority cast votes (51 percent or more) as it happened...

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