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what are signs and symptoms that suggest possible neurologic problems

Dec 24th, 2014

Neurological signs and side effects 

1. Engine issues 

hemiparesis - shortcoming down one side 

hemiplegia - loss of motion down one side 

Both demonstrate harm including the contralateral engine strip 

2. Tactile issues 

hemianasthesia - loss of sensation down one side 

Demonstrates harm to the contra-parallel tangible strip 

3. Visual issues 

hemianopia - loss of a large portion of the visual field (revolved around the midline) 

quandrantanopia - loss of one quarter of the visual field 

Both demonstrate harm to essential visual cortex, contra-parallel to the field misfortune. 

4. Attentional issues 

Disregard - a distractedness to one side of space. This can incorporate vision, trial, sensation. E.g. patients will overlook you on the off chance that you remained on their 'ignored side', or address them from that side. They may just consume the sustenance from one 50% of their plate and disregard the rest. Individuals will separate a flat line well far from the center. This for the most part shows harm to the contra-sidelong parietal cortex. Left disregard (after right parietal harm) is a great deal more normal than right disregard, albeit both are seen instantly after damage, left disregard appears to hold on for more. 

Elimination - this is ordinarily seen once disregard has remediated, and is additionally an indication of parietal harm. Here patients won't report occasions that happen on the contra-horizontal side of space, if a synchronous occasion happens on the ispsi-sidelong (same side as the injury). Accordingly somebody with left termination will report 'finger wags' if one finger is squirmed on the privilege, or one on the left half of space; if however both fingers are squirmed together, the patient just reports the privilege finger moving - it truly stifles the occasion on the left. 

5. Reflexes - a misfortune or a change to these can reflect nearby harm. 

e.g. Student reactions - if the understudy does not contract when presented to light, it recommends harm to the nerve either in the mind stem cores or in the fringe nerve itself. 

Babinski reflex - in the event that you tickle the feet of another conceived kid the toes spread out - this is the Babinski reflex. In the event that you tickle the feet of a grown-up, the foot twists. On the off chance that the grown-up demonstrates the Babinski reflex, this proposes harm to the cortical control of engine reactions, e.g. the engine strip.

Dec 24th, 2014

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Dec 24th, 2014
Dec 24th, 2014
Oct 20th, 2017
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