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i own a f250 diesel 7.3 and yesterday heard a knock that was unusual but  it went away quick,this morning when i went to start it  ,it knocked for a coupple of  minuets then went
away so i changed  the oil ,oil filter and then i changed the fuel filter,it stoped knocking
but it is losing power and blowing white smoke ,i put in the tank a bottle of octane booster antigell treetment do you think it could just be bad fuel? or what?

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Check glow plug. How bad is the knocking? Is the knocking more sounds more like valve lifters? If so, you will have to check valve lifters and make sure non of them are defective. It is called roller lifters. Another cause of knocking is a failing oil pump or when the oil pressure is down the recommended factory specs.

Bad fuel can also make diesel to smoke, but normally smoke is a sign of failing glow plug or a motor loosing its compression. Remember diesel engines are high compression engines. So, low compression can cause unburnt fuel.

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