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Howdid the geographyof italy contribute tothe spread ofthe romanempire?

Thepeople elected_,such as consuls&censors.

The romansdidnt have awritten_,which is aplan ofgovernment

Howdid military service change over time in rome

hows Caesar involved withegypt

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1. How did the geography of Italy contribute to the spread of the roman empire?

The seas covering the three sides of Italian map helped to enhance easy travel of the Roman Army, moreover, Italy also lies between the Western and Eastern basins of the Mediterranean sea, which made it easy for the  Roman kings to cross without any form of constraint.

2. magistrates

3. constitution

4. In stead of forcing young men through autocratic rules to be in the military, young men were democratically chosen through their willingness to serve in the army.

5.Ceasor become the greatest emperor of all time since he had conquered Egypt

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