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Based on what you've read, your experience in risk management, and any other resources you care to utilize, discuss the following questions.

  • Why is the data collection process is so important?
  • What can project managers do to protect the quality and integrity of the data collection process?
  • Who do you think should be involved in data collection for project risk management? Why?
  • What insights can be used in the development of your Risk Management Plan and Risk Register?

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PJM Discussion Question

Why is the data collection process so important?

Data collection involves gathering and information measurement in areas of interests that
will apply to analysis in coming up with other conclusions. The process involved is an essential
part of ensuring quality data gathering to establish its validity and integrity. Data collection aids
in the delivery of accurate and precise research findings. It's a requirement to use the right data
collection tools to eliminate potential errors and risks. Generally, once data is acquired, it's
processed and analyzed. Then it undergoes the interpreting process to come up with meaningful
conclusions. Data commented offers a significant influence in decision making on the subject.
For instance, if data pertains to a specific community, then the conclusions and recommendation
made in the research process will change and improvements being implemented based on the
collected facts (Lee et al., 2015). Researcher...

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