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Skills (identify the  specific skills that you have)

Examples:  Microsoft office programs (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint), detail-oriented, flexible, problem solver, team player, etc.

Dec 29th, 2014
Skills I have
  • Resourceful: Ability to supply what is needed, quick wit.
  • Responsible: Capable of rational conduct, trustworthy.
  • Versatile: Turning easily or readily from occupation/job to another, changeable.
  • Industrious: Hardworking, diligent.
  • Innovative: Make changes, introduction of something new.
  • Motivated: The inner reason for any act; as, hunger might be the motive for working.
  • Optimistic: View that good prevails over evil.
  • Organized: Place things in working order.
  • Languages: C++, C#, Java, Visual Basic 
  • Development Tools, Methodologies & Environments: Object-Oriented Analysis & Design (OOAD), Waterfall Approach, Net Beans, Prototyping Approach, Microsoft Visual Studio 
  • Software: Apache, Sun ONE, JBoss, BEA WebLogic, MS Silverlight 2 
  • Systems: Unix, Windows, Next Step, .Net Framework
  • Databases: Oracle, SQL, Sybase


Dec 29th, 2014

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Dec 29th, 2014
Dec 29th, 2014
Oct 24th, 2017
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