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FEA (Finite Element Analysis)

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Finite Element Analysis

Finite element analysis is basically a numerical technique to solve real life problems related to
engineering and physics based mathematical modelling. The method is generally used at places
where analytical solutions that is by using generalized equations cannot be obtained, for
example problems with complicated geometries, loadings and material properties.
To clarify it we can take example of truss, beam etc. whose stress analysis has to be done. This
can be done by using design equations based on loading conditions and equilibrium equations.
Hence, this is analytical method which is used for the normal problems where accuracy
requirement is less and are generally used as for preliminary estimation of a quantity but when
it comes to the complex problems and accuracy requirements are higher, finite element method
is used. For example, when we need to understand the physical behaviors of complex objects
such as heat transfer through a body, fluid flow through section of a river or pipe. This method
is also used to check the accuracy and performance of design such as safety margin and
identifying the weakness in design. Various conditions are tested to get the optimum design.
Finite element method is a method of solving partial differential equations in two or three space
variables which is closed in nature or the boundary value problem. Here, boundary values are
the specified values of field variables on the boundary of the field which are the dependent
variables of interest governed by the differential equations. To solve a problem, this method
uses the first step known as discretization in which this method divides large system into
smaller systems which are called finite elements. Discretization is a process in which the mesh
is constructed around the object in the area of interest which is also called numerical domain
of the object and is done in the space having finite number of points. This process leads to the
formation of boundary value problem which finally results in the formation of system of
algebraic equations. The method further calculates the unknown function over the domain. This
simple equation used for the domain is further used for the larger system of equations to solve
the entire problem. The FEM further uses calculus of variations in which variations, which are
small changes in functions which is used to maximize or minimize the functions is used to
approximate a solution by minimizing the error function.
Finite element method is not so old method and was first implemented in the early 1940s by
the scientists A. Hrennikoff and R. Courant to solve elasticity and structural analysis problems
those were complex in nature. K Feng named Chinese scientist proposed a systematic
numerical method in 1950s and 1960s for solving partial differential equations for the purpose
of computations for dam construction and the method was called finite difference method based
on variational principle. The approaches of all the scientists were different but one essential
characteristic wa...

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