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Identify and explore 3 business Web sites that do something similar to what you hope to do. These businesses may provide the same product or service as you, or they may provide a different product or service that fills the same consumer need. Respond to the following questions:

  • Who are their customers (geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral attributes)?
  • Are the customers of these businesses similar, or are they reaching different segments?
  • How are these customers similar to the customers you hope to reach?

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Identifying your Market
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Tonal has a market target of individuals between the ages of thirty and fifty-five years.
The company targets individuals that live adjacent to or in the top ten metro United States
markets. The psychographic targeting of the company includes targeting people of certain social
status, for instance, working-class people. These individuals have the opinion about keeping fit
and trying the rolled-out solutions that help them improve their fitness levels at any point in time,
even when travelling. The company targets both male and female customers who are evenly split
(Burns, 2019).
Peloton targets consumers between thirty-five and sixty-five years old in the United
States. The company’s primary demographic market is age thirty-five, with consumers below age
35 growing. The company targets individuals...

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