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Any introduction of a new technology into a society initiates an endless series of effects, especially for those who have and use the technology compared with those who do not or cannot use the technology.

Write a 1,100-word paper that addresses how new media technologies affect social and societal issues.
Address the following:

- Critique new media technologies and the digital divide (the haves versus the have-nots).

- What is the socioeconomic effect within our society?

- What are the consequences in the global economy?

- Describe the role of the Internet in social alienation.

Explain why the influence of new media technologies is important for us to understand.

In concluding, answer the following question: Do you foresee these digital divides narrowing or widening in the next 5years or in the next 25 years? Explain and justify your answers.

Cite at least three peer-reviewed sources to support your work. MUST BE PLAGIARISM FREE!

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