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The most straightforward answer as to why the defecatinig duck was such a sensation in 1739 is because it was 1739! The defecationg duck was invented during a time when people and society were fascinated with machinery. Machines were being invented for industry, science, and entertainment. Although the defecating duck could only be viewed by those who could afford to dispense a weeks wage, all levels of society were touched by machines. It was so influential that even the natural sciences became dominated under get doctrine of mechanis, that natural processes are determined and capable of explanation by the laws of physics and chemistry.� The influence of reductionism and determinism, impaired by the mechanization of a clock, impacted the philosophy of that time period. The way Descartes described the mind-body interaction is a good believed that nerve tubes made an impression on the conarium, and that is how he mind perceives sensation. In the time of Descartes, and a very long time afterwards, he functions of her mind and body were mechanized and compartmentalized.� Materialism was a philosophical idea that supposed all facts in the unifies could be explained by science, or, physics and chemistry. This included consciousness. John Locke, another philosophical influence on psychology, proposed then theory of association, like reductionism, association is the combining of smaller associating ideas into larger, more complex ones. Yet another Henry's of nervous system function was by David Hartley, who believed that nerves vibrated impulses from solid tubes to specific areas of the brain. Due to the influence of the mechanized age, I believe they physiological reactions were more considered during in the period before psychology becam it's own. Although the this idea of the mind being more passive was more widely accepted, John Stuart Mill's opposing get theories proved to be a significant contribution as well. In contrast to his father and so many others of the time, he believed the mind could be studied scientifically and that creative thinking was possible. Eventually this way of thinking paved the way for the emergence of psychology.
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Emergence of Psychology
Hello, psychology has seen many dramatic changes and growth and now new
perspectives and ideas keep o...

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