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Find a man or woman you know who is over 65 years old. Ask if he/she would do you the favor of letting you interview him/her about his/her current life and recent past experiences. Write down the answers, and feel free to add new questions as suggested by the things said. Do not rush the interview. Allow plenty of time to talk and to explore issues that may come up. Let me know how you found this person. You can ask a friend's grandmother or that gentleman who lives in the neighborhood. Or email your great-aunt who still lives in another country (you'll have to translate for me). "Over 65" does not mean younger than me or an imaginary interview with your deceased uncle. If you don't know anyone over 65, tell me! I have wonderful friends who have volunteered to help you.

1. How old are you now? Does that feel "old" to you? Has your attitude about what is "old" changed over the years?
2. Do you feel differently about yourself now than you did 5 or 10 years ago? In what ways?
3. Have any of the changes associated with growing older seemed particularly dramatic to you? If so, please describe them.
4. What do you like most about your life now? How does that differ from what you liked most 10 years ago?
5. What do you like least about your life now? How does that differ from what you liked least 10 years ago?
6. What are your plans and goals for the future? How have those changed over the last few years?
7. What are your biggest fears for the future? Why do you think you feel this way?
8. Please tell me anything else you would like me to know about how it feels to be at this stage in your life.

The easiest way to submit it is in a simple Q & A format. For example:

Q1: How old are you....
A1: Believe it or not, I'm ___ years old!

It doesn't matter if you interview your neighbor in person or your grandma by e-mail, as long as all the questions are asked and answered. If you only ask these questions, you'll get a C; Ask follow up questions for a higher grade!

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Older Adult Interview
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Older Adult Interview

I was privileged to interview Mark King, a 75-year-old senior citizen living at one of the city’s
home for the aged. In the interview which is discussed below, I learned that aging is indeed a
collection of experiences that defined each chapter of an individual’s life.
1. How old are you now? Does that feel "old" to you? Has your attitude about what is
"old" changed over the years?
A: I am 75 years, and will be turning 76 years by September. Actually, when you look at
me, do you think I am that old? I believe age is just a number and as such do feel pretty
“young” with my years. Having become one of the senior citizens yes, my attitude has
changed over the years
2. How has it changed?
A: When you are young you rarely take a moment to think of how your old life will be.
Often you presume you will be okay and surroun...

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