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Calculate the Surface Area of the Solid Generated

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Dec 3rd, 2014

The surface area of a frustum is given by,


and l is the length of the slant of the frustum.

For the frustum on the interval  we have,

and we know from the previous section that,

Before writing down the formula for the surface area we are going to assume that  is “small” and since  is continuous we can then assume that,

So, the surface area of the frustum on the interval  is approximately,

The surface area of the whole solid is then approximately,

and we can get the exact surface area by taking the limit as n goes to infinity.

If we wanted to we could also derive a similar formula for rotating  on  about the y-axis.  This would give the following formula.

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Dec 30th, 2014

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Dec 3rd, 2014
Dec 3rd, 2014
Jun 29th, 2017
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