CNUAS Globalization of Business & Market Research in International Marketing Essay

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Globalization of Business

Consider your readings for this week and your own experiences as you answer the following question:

What are the factors causing globalization of businesses?Be sure to explain your points using specific examples

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Free Trade Vs. Protectionism

When considering global expansion, marketers need to incorporate how free trade will affect their marketing schemes and products or services.

Consider your video learnings for this week as you answer the following question:

Discuss whether free trade agreements actually promote free trade while addressing the pros and cons of free trade versus protectionism.

Be sure to explain your perspective using specific example

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Market Research in International Marketing

The basic objective of the market research function is providing management with information for more accurate decision making. The objective is the same for domestic and international marketing.

After reviewing this week’s readings, answer the following:

Discuss in detail why foreign marketing research presents some challenges and problems not encountered on the domestic front.

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Marketing Functions in Global Organization

Consider your readings of this week and answer the following question:

How can you evaluate the role of basic marketing functions within a global organization?

Be sure to explain your point using specific examples.


Cateors, P. (2020. International Marketing (18th ed.). McGraw-Hill Education. ISBN: 978-1-71235-7

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Globalization of Business and Market Research in International Marketing

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Globalization of Business and Market Research in International Marketing
Causes of Globalization of Business
Globalization is the criteria through which business institutions or other commercial avenues
advances universal dominion or instead begin trading in the global reams. In other words, globalization
speeds up the movement of goods and services (human beings, goods and services, capital, technologies,
and cultural practices) all over the global sphere. Various factors have stipulated globalization of business,
like the desire to maximize profits, expand on the markets, enhance technology, growing multinational
companies, and improve transport, thereby making global travel easier (Cateors, 2020). However, free trade
and protectionism are factors that have propelled the globaliza...

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