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Explain thepurpose of each item


spoil heap



sketch pad

Measuring pole

What2items were most important in establishing trade between arab and west african civilizations and howdidthetradeaffectwestafrica?



c.Effect on west africa

Jan 2nd, 2015

Mound- this is an artificial concentration of earth, gravel sand or rock piled together to form a hill-like structure.

spoil heap- this is a local element imported into an area important in the landscape of that area.

Sieve- this is a utensil used in the kitchen made of a wire or plastic mesh graved onto the frame used to separate coarse solid particles from fine ones.

camera- is a device used to capture visual images in the form of pictures, photographs and videos.

sketch pad- this is a book set aside to engrave sketches on.

measuring pole- is a tool important for surveyors which measures  512 yards, 1612 feet or 1320  it is important because it able to measure whole number multiples of measurements.

two important items were Gold and Salt

Effects included:

1. demographics

2. extent of slave trade

3. debates on demographic effects.

4. it positively affected Africa's economy

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Jan 2nd, 2015

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Jan 2nd, 2015
Jan 2nd, 2015
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