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Pyschology 101

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part one

Recording Observations

Unobtrusively record observations in a public place of your choice for at least thirty minutes or more. The place must have at least ten people to observe. Since you are playing the role of an unobtrusive investigator, you must not disturb the people and must be positioned so that the people will not really take notice of you. You should watch people and focus on behaviors. The behaviors might be ordinary or interesting. You might even choose to look at behaviors related to a theme, such as how people relax or you can look at dyadic interactions. No matter what you choose to observe, you should describe what you witness.

Record the observations in your notebook in a 1- to 2-page Microsoft Word document. The observations should not be conducted with any specific notions or theories.

Type and submit your notes, which should be at least 500 words. Include the date of the observation, the time, and the setting. Along with your observation notes, include five specific study ideas that come to mind because of your observations. For example:

After observing mothers and children in the park, I would like to investigate whether mothers with multiple children allow the children to venture further away from them as compared to mothers with one child.

You must also state hypotheses for at least two of your study ideas. For example, you might hypothesize mothers with only one child will keep their child closer than mothers with multiple children.

Support your responses with examples.

Part two

  • Do factors such as gender, age, socioeconomics, and education play a role in substance use? Why or why not?
  • Does addiction fall under public health and contribute to public health issues? Why or why not?
  • What changes, if any, should be made in legislation regarding substance regulation? Be sure to also consider insurance coverage regulations. Explain.

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Recording Observations from the Beach

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Recording Observations from the Beach
The beach is a sandy shore, particularly by the ocean or the sea between high and low
watermarks that are entirely fabulous and sandy, and many individuals visit the beach to have
fun and for relaxation. I temporarily visited Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, beach vacation, whereby I
registered five main observations throughout the vacation. The observations are; males like to
dig in the sand, people do relax, tattoos are a norm, happy hour is well and alive, and girls like to
collect seashells.
Males like to dig in the sand at the beach. Ales aged between 1-61 mainly were drawn to
play with the sand at the beach as there were young boys, grown men, and kids both alone and in
pairs digging in the sun. Some constructed castles, some trenches, and others buried each other.
Moreover, whatever the preference from my observation, it was evident that males enjoyed
playing with the sand around the beach (Kabaker, 2018). Besides, a few young females dabbed
but mostly with their fathers, and I was shocked to see an adult female constructing and molding
grains of sands more of a boy thing.
During my observation, I noticed that most people at the beach, bo...

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