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State a public problem

  • Share why you think it is an important public problem to focus on
  • Explain what at least one cause of the public problem is
  • Explain what at least one effect of the public problem is

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Public Policy Project
The major public problem facing the world is that of climate change. Climate change is a
major problem currently in the whole world for a number of years now. The problems impact has
been felt all over the country socially, economically and even politically. It is therefore important
to focus on this issue as a solution is needed in the near future so that normalcy can get back to
how it was. The major cause of the problem the high amounts of emissions on the atmosphere.
The pandemic has resulted into a number of negative effects such as the changes in the state of
lives, economy, interaction and social being. The major effect of the problem is on the increase in
the heat levels on earth and poor economic patterns. The problem is to be addressed for a better

Public Policy Project Outline
The ...

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